Table Talk

Why ‘the worship table’ as a web address? Are we worshipping a table? No, but I want to stress the importance of the table.

Let’s begin by discussing what I mean when I use the phrase “table it”.  The common use of this phrase gives it a negative connotation, it tells a person that what they have to say or present is of little value and will most likely be overlooked.  I, however, believe that some of the best things can happen around the table.

The table is a place of fellowship, it is a place where meals are enjoyed, a place that hosts “all-nighters” and board games of all genres, it is a place where new relationships are cultivated.  The table also reveals to us the character of Christ and welcomes us into the presence of something magnificent through celebrations such as the Lord’s Supper.

So I invite you to the table,
I invite you to journey with me as I attempt to a live a life of Worship.

May the table be the place where conversations are ignited and passions revealed,  a place where Truth is uncovered and actively pursued, and place where we discover our daily purpose in God’s grand scheme of things!

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