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Building a Biblical Framework

The last series discussed the basic principles of worship and presented that biblical worship is rooted in three primary categories:

Reception, Response, and Relationship.

Without the acknowledgment of the these three aspects there will be a disconnect in giving God all glory that He is do.  The foundation of what worship is to look like in the daily living of those who follow Christ has been established, now it is time to build the framework that will allow a deeper understanding to what the bible has laid out through thousands of years.

In the English language, worship is most commonly used to describe an array of emotions, postures, and attitudes.  The Miriam-Webster dictionary breaks down this term as follows:


1: reverence offered a divine being or supernatural power; also : an act of expressing such reverence
2: a form of religious practice with its creed and ritual
3: extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem <worship of the dollar>
This definition, however, only touches a small portion of this immense word.  In order to better understand the term “worship” in its biblical form, we must dive deeper and seek to understand the biblical concepts that have lead to this words translation.  The Bible is a collection of approximately sixty-six books from a multitude of authors spanning several thousand years.  These books are broken down into two sections based on God’s promises and their fulfillment.  These sections are known as The Old and New Testaments. They are written in primarily two separate languages that used diverse terms to describe the attributes of worshiping the One True God.
In the next several weeks I invite you to the table, where these attributes will be discussed in further detail in hopes to illuminate the caliber of what is meant when God is worshiped in Spirit and in Truth.
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Worship: Rooted in Relationship

Worship is an active partnership between God and creation as relationships are cultivated.

“Worship is a conversation between God and God’s chosen people.  There is a mutual exchange, a holy dialogue, an invested sharing back and forth in worship” (9)
-Constance Cherry “The Worship Architect”

True biblical worship is a relational conversation, not just between members of a congregation, but between God and His people.  A conversation that consists of both speaking and learning when to be quiet and listen.  God has a lot to speak to His people, if only we would slow down and listen to what He has to say to us through things like scripture, prayers, songs, sermons, and silence.

Scripture is our direct link to the heart, story, and attributes of God.  It tells of creation, fall, and redemption.  It speaks of faith on monumental levels.  It is the inspired word of God penned on paper.  The Bible is our guide book, our comfort, our direction, our encouragement, and our ultimate love story.  Scripture directs the church, it directs how we relate to one another, it dictates our actions, it shows us how to truly love one another.  Our relationship with God is rooted in the scriptures and we should digest what they teach us and give all glory to God through shouts of praise, joy, weeping, meditation, and prayer.  God speaks to us through His written word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and we should respond by living our lives in reverence of Him and what He has done for us.

Corporate worship, or the times that we come together as one body to give glory and honor to God, are filled with relationship characteristics.  We must acknowledge that we are all active participants in a corporate setting.  Our prayers, our songs, our offerings, our sermons, and our fellowship are all a conversation to God and a chance for God to speak directly to us as one body gathering in His name.  Corporate worship should not be just a time to talk about God and teach what he has done, but should also include a chance to talk directly to God because He is present in our churches.

Relationships are two-sided, with each party contributing to the conversation.  In our churches, our worship should reflect a healthy relationship with God, a mutual sharing back and forth.  In order for this to happen we must both speak and be willing to listen.  “Be still, and know I am God” (Psalm 46:10 NIV)  We must be willing to corporately and personally be willing to quiet ourselves, our minds, and our tongues to listen to what God has to tell us.  Silence is necessary, silence helps us to listen, silence allows us to be attentive to the will of God and grow in our relationship with Him and one another.

We have been called into a holy relationship: Will we build relationships that take the cross of Christ to the world?  Will we have a strong corporate and personal relationship with the Gospel and proclaim it to the nations?  Will we cultivate our relationship with the one who promises new life and anticipate heaven?

May we grow in our relationship with the Author of the Word of Life through our everyday worship and preach it through our actions and attitudes.

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Are we only hitting the “tip of the iceberg”?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what people mean when they use the term “worship”?  Are they simply referring to the music?  Or perhaps they are referencing the entire service?  In either case, only the surface of such a diverse word is being utilized.

Worship is more than what we do on a Sunday morning;

it is more than the music,

the preaching,

or the prayers.

Worship is a lifestyle; it is everything we do in adoration of the Lord and it is rooted in our reception, response, and relationship to God and all those who surround us on a daily basis.

Worship is rooted in our reception; it is expectant and always preaching.

“Every weekend we should anticipate the coming of Christ.  After every worship service, we should celebrate the fact that he is alive forevermore, and consequently, so are we!  After every worship service, people should leave our services withe an anticipation of heaven.” (43-44)
-Kevin Navarro “The Complete Worship Service”

Worship is the choice to approach God and respond after we have been called.

“Worship is an active response to God, whereby we declare His worth.  Worship is not passive, but is participative.  Worship is not simply a mood; it is a response.  Worship is not just a feeling; it is a declaration.” (16)
-Allen and Borror “Worship: Rediscovering the Missing Jewel”

Worship is an active partnership between God and creation as relationships are cultivated.

“Worship is a conversation between God and God’s chosen people.  There is a mutual exchange, a holy dialogue, an invested sharing back and forth in worship” (9)
-Constance Cherry “The Worship Architect”

Worship is a conversation between creation and the creator, between man and God.  Worship is a two way street whereby we communicate with God and He answers through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Our worship must be lived out is such a way that it demands an explanation.  We must be living testimonies as we encounter the world and worship the Lord.

In the next three weeks we will unpack and expand on each characteristic  of Worship: Reception, Response, and Relationship.  I invite you to join me at The Table as we discover more of what it means to Worship God.

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