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Worship: Rooted in Reception

Worship is rooted in our reception; it is expectant and always preaching.

“Every weekend we should anticipate the coming of Christ.  After every worship service, we should celebrate the fact that he is alive forevermore, and consequently, so are we!  After every worship service, people should leave our services with an anticipation of heaven.” (43-44)
-Kevin Navarro “The Complete Worship Service”

Worship is always preaching, because it is the way in which we live our lives from day to day.  It is not only found in a specific building on a particular day, nor in the songs that we sing, the message we hear, or the prayers we say.  Worship is everything that is done in reverence of the Lord; whether that is working behind a desk, constructing a building, walking through a city or park, or even spending times with friends and loved ones.

Worship is our response to the greatness of our Creator!  It is our avenue of thankfulness and adoration.  What better way to celebrate what has been done for us than to give everything, yes everything, that we are back to the King.  He has given us new life, a reason for being, a love that knows no end.  We should approach God with all that we have and always anticipate His promises.

We have been ushered into the most holy place, and have been allowed into the presence of the One True God through the cross, the ultimate alter, of Christ.  “For where two or three of you come together in my name, there I am with them.”(Mat.18:20, NIV)  When we gather with other believers, we are directly in the midst of Christ and we should celebrate that fact!  When we enter into “corporate” worship, we should approach the throne of God with reverence and awe.  We should be overwhelmed by the majesty and might, surrendered to the holiness and presence, and compelled by the invitation and commission of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We have been given the task of discipleship and the furthering of God’s kingdom here on Earth.  Will we choose to enjoy a few songs, tolerate a sermon, and get free child care?  Or will we actively listen and apply what we learn through services, bible studies, and private devotional times?

We have been called to respond: Will we receive the cross of Christ and take it to the world?  Will we receive the Gospel and proclaim it to the nations?  Will we receive the promise of new life and anticipate heaven?

May we receive the Word through our everyday worship and preach it through our actions and attitudes.

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